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dylanandalyssa-117My name is Joshua Merritt, and my wife Kim and I are users of Adrafinil. We decided to create this site to inform others about the benefits, as well as the risks involved when taking this supplement. Thank you for visiting.

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Top 3 Things We’ve Learned About Adrafinil 

Adrafinil has been absolutely great to us. It has given us the energy to pull all nighters and pass difficult college classes. It has also helped us focus and concentrate on difficult tasks. Since we have been supplementing with this nootropic compound for so long, we have come up with a top 3 list for some of the most important things we have learned about Adrafinil.

1.) Take is first thing in the morning – One of the most challenging side effects that Adrafinil caused for us was that it made it extremely difficult to fall asleep. This often happened if we took 300mg or more of Adrafinil after about 2:00pm. We were able to avoid this by making sure that we took the dosage earlier in the day, preferably upon first waking up.

2.) Cycle your use – Adrafinil works a bit differently that supplements such as caffeine. Adrafinil builds up in your system over many days/weeks. This means that although it may not feel very effective at first, as you keep taking it it’s side effects become more pronounced. Their have been reports that even link Adrafinil to liver damage, so we recommend taking it for no more than 2 weeks at a time without a heavy break.

3.) Get enough sleep – As college students, we know the temptation an be extremely strong to just slam an energy drink or pop a caffeine pill in order to get you going. But the more we researched, the more we learned how important it is to make sure that your are getting at least 8 hours of sleep on a constant basis. Without this sleep pattern, Adrafinil is simply warding off the inevitable. Getting enough sleep will give you sustainable energy and make your Adrafinil dosage feel even more powerful!